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Don't judge me. ;_;

List doesn't include unbuyables or anything over 2k because a) it won't fit in an LJ entry, b) this is temporary and c) ain't nobody gon' buy me a book over 2k, let's be real now!

So, So Many Books. )
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Just joined a new landcomm - I'm not super-into them (HiH is my one true love, after all), but this one seems pretty neat. Feel free to join, and if you do, tell 'em I sent you!

(PS: Team Seahorse rules).
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I just cut a whole bunch of friends. 

I really hate doing that because it sucks and I always feel bad about it, but my f-list was getting way too cumbersome and I was looking at people's names and thinking, "Who?" With the direction my life is taking, I really feel most comfortable with a closer group of friends I can rely on who I "know" really well. So I generally cut people who A) never update, B) never comment, C) a combination of A & B and/or D) I never felt like we really clicked.

If anybody really wants to remain friends, I don't have a problem at all re-adding you, just comment and let me know - I'll screen comments.
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I was given an opportunity to join this site called Smarterer thanks to the brilliant minds over at BzzAgent. And although I was skeptical at first, I have to admit that it is a lot of fun and a very entertaining time-waster!

These are some of the scores I've received so far:

And if you're not a member of BzzAgent yet, why on Earth not? Free products to try, fun people to meet and talk to, and it's completely free! Can't really beat that with a stick.


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